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Getting There
Before you arrive

Visa Information

Many nationalities enjoy visa-free entry into South Africa. If you qualify, you will be issued a visa on arrival. However, to be sure you should check your visa status and any any technical requirements, such the minimum number of blank pages required or yellow fever vaccine etc, well before your departure date. The links below summarise the situation for a number of countries. For more comprehensive information, please visit the South African Home Affairs Department website.

Japan visa information

India visa information

USA visa information

UK visa information

EU visa information

China visa information

Canada visa information

Brazil visa information

Russia visa information

Israel visa information

Medical / Travel Insurance
South Africa does not have a national health scheme. Patients are individually responsible for settling all accounts, and travel insurance covering accidents, illness or hospitalization during your stay is strongly recommended. There is no Malaria in the western cape, although if you are travelling to the north east of the country it is advisible to check the malaria status there.

Further information about South Africa’s electrical system, currency and climate can be found on the General Information page.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Travellers from Africa or Central/Southern Americas are advised to check whether or not they require a valid yellow fever vaccine certificate. More details can be found at the IAMAT website

After you arrive

Getting to Stellenbosch

The town of Stellenbosch is a 40 minute drive away from the Cape Town International Airport and can be reached by an easy taxi ride. There are a number of Shuttle Services from the airport and you may be met by a number of them upon arrival. We recommend CitiHopper Shuttles or Centurion Shuttle Services which should cost about R480 for a private shuttle, or R380 for a shared shuttle. Uber is also a safe and convenient service throughout Cape Town. You may also be approached by a number of taxi services on your immediate exit from the airport. We do NOT recommend using their services. The conference will be held in the Adam Small Theatre Complex close to the town center with most of the accommodation within easy walking distance.

Things to do in Stellenbosch

In addition to being a university town, Stellenbosch is one of the oldest towns in South Africa, second only to Cape Town. As such, there is a wealth of activities in and around Stellenbosch, largely centered on its reputation as the premier wine and food region of South Africa. For more information, please see the Visit Stellenbosch website.